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National COVID-19 Emergency

For the most up-to-date information, please use the following websites:​

Oregon Employment Department

Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission


Department of Labor (DOL)

Oregon Health Authority (OHA)

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Small Business Administration (SBA)

State of Oregon Business

Impact Survey

Businesses are asked to participate in a new statewide survey of COVID-19’s impact on Oregon business. Responses are completely confidential; answers are aggregated to establish the big picture and guide policy decisions. Please click to complete the state survey.


If you responded earlier to SOWIB’s regional survey, Thank You!  You helped us communicate the likely extent of need.


Participation in the new statewide survey will be equally valuable, especially because you now have more and better information to share.

Unemployment Insurance 


Reliably updated unemployment benefit information and “how-to’s” (eligibility, filing a claim, special pandemic-related rules, etc.) at or call 877-345-3484.

Please note: you must use either the online or phone service.  No in-person service is available; all Worksource centers are closed to protect community health.


Helping Employees Through Layoff or Closure

Employers anticipating closure or layoff of more than 50 workers during any 30 day period should:



  • Request comprehensive “rapid response” help.  This will trigger a coordinated suite of services to help workers identify and utilize various programs they may need.  For information, contact Rena Langston, SOWIB Rapid Response Lead, at 844-532-6893 or




  1. COVID-19 OED Resources for Employers and Workers 

  2. March Guide for Laid Off Workers in Oregon 2020 


Contact SOWIB Rapid Response Lead:


For more background, click: State of Oregon – Rapid Response and U.S. Department of Labor – Rapid Response

Can You Avert Complete Layoff?

If you need to reduce payroll, but want to try to keep employees on the job, consider Work Share. Partial unemployment benefits may be paid to employees for the hours you need to cut.

Unemployment Insurance

Health Insurance

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