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Workforce Solutions

Coos, Curry & Douglas Counties

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Youth Internships
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Business Services

WorkSource – Job Training/Development

Serving Coos, Curry, and Douglas Counties
Providing Virtual & In-Person Appointments: 
800-822-3525 |


WorkSource Coos - 990 S. 2nd Street Coos Bay, OR 97420

​541-756-8459  |


WorkSource Curry - 16261 Highway 101 S., Suite 11 Brookings, OR 97415

541-469-9836  |

WorkSource Douglas - 846 SE Pine Street Roseburg, OR 97470

541-440-3344  |

Job Training/Development


Coos, Curry & Douglas Counties

Employer Incentive Programs

  • NCRC for businesses

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

  • Avoid layoffs:

    • Work Share

    • Layoff Aversion

  • Federal Bonding Program

  • Foreign Labor Certification

Employer Resources & Services

  • Business Resources

  • Industry trends

  • Workshops and seminars

  • Local industry profiles

  • Contact local economists 

Workforce and Economic Research

  • Unemployment rates

  • Job growth or loss estimates

  • Wage and occupational data

  • Long-term employment trends

  • Customized business survey results

  • Educational requirements for OR jobs

  • Income trends

  • Job vacancy reports 


To inquire about becoming an industry tour site, or offering an internship for credit, please reach out to the business services representative in your area.


Business Services - SCBEC

Coos & Curry

Maurene "Mo" Aakre

(541) 373-3870

Business Services

SOWIB Business Services &

Recruit HIPPO Manager

Natasha Garrison

(808) 264-2254

SOWIB Business Services Coordinator

Douglas County

Amy Taylor

(541) 900-4712

Business Specialist - WorkSource


Shardell Johnson

(541) 464-2343

Business Specialist - WorkSource

Coos & Curry

Andrew Burgmeier

(541) 252-2077

Career Development Coordinator - 

WorkSource Coos, Curry & Douglas

Tracy Henderson

(971) 718-4239


Rapid Response 


Rapid Response, a service offered by SOWIB, helps employers find alternatives to layoffs during times of economic uncertainty. We understand that layoffs can be a difficult decision for employers and offer the following options:

  • Work Share: Employers can reduce the hours of any number of employees 20-40% instead of laying them off, while allowing them to receive unemployment insurance benefits for their reduced hours (so they see minimal income loss).

  • Incumbent Worker Training: Connect your existing employees to the education and training they need to fulfill the jobs you’re creating as they move out of the jobs you’re reducing.

  • On-the-Job-Training (OJT): Employers can get reimbursed for up to half the wages of employees who are learning aspects their new positions.

  • Connection to other business support grants and resources (depending upon availability) such as Paycheck Protection Plan Loans, local grants, etc.

If layoffs are inevitable, SOWIB provides tailored presentations to the affected staff to help them navigate the resources available to them. The presentations cover various benefits and services including unemployment insurance benefits, health insurance options, career counseling, job search services, training and education opportunities/funding, rent/mortgage/housing assistance (as available), and other programs as applicable. These presentations are offered at no cost to either the employer or employees and are generally an hour to an hour and a half long. Our staff from Unemployment Insurance, Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace, Employment Services, and Skills and Training Partners will provide information and answer questions in a thoughtful and helpful manner.

For more background, click: State of Oregon – Rapid Response and U.S. Department of Labor – Rapid Response

Can You Avert Complete Layoff?

If you need to reduce payroll, but want to try to keep employees on the job, consider Work Share. Partial unemployment benefits may be paid to employees for the hours you need to cut.

Helping Employees Through Layoff or Closure

Employers anticipating closure or layoff of more than 50 workers during any 30-day period should:

  • Request comprehensive “rapid response” help.  This will trigger a coordinated suite of services to help workers identify and utilize various programs they may need.  For information, contact Rena Langston, SOWIB Rapid Response Lead, at 844-532-6893 or


Unemployment Insurance 

Reliably updated unemployment benefits information and “how-to’s” (eligibility, filing a claim, etc.) at or call 877-345-3484.

Rapid Response Team:

Rapid Response Team

SOWIB Program Manager

Rena Langston

(844) 532-6893

SOWIB Business Services Manager

Natasha Garrison

(808) 264-2254

Business Services Coordinator

Amy Taylor

(541) 900-4712

Rapid Response
Recruit HIPPO
Yoshi Hippo Star.png

Helping Individuals Pursue Professional Opportunities

Our "Recruit Hippo" program uses a variety of tools to help students understand and prepare for successful employment.

  • Internship for credit: work-based learning opportunities for school credit.

  • Industry tours: career exploration on site with local employers.

  • Talent advising: in-school guidance on career opportunities suited to a student's interest and skills. Talent Advisors connect students with local employers and training.

  • Soft skills: practicing and improving work ethics, understanding employer expectations, and building critical problem solving skills.    

For information and assistance in preparing for employment while still in high school, visit, or contact the Youth Talent Advisor for your county. 

Recruit HIPPO Manager


Natasha Garrison

(808) 264-2254

Youth Employment Advisor

Coos County

Jamil Wynn

(541) 294-6895

Youth Employment Advisor

Curry County

Liz McMullin

(541) 435-8504

Youth Employment Advisor

Douglas County

Mary Anderson

(541) 294-9306

Youth Employment Advisor

Coos County

Brandon Bowen

(541) 373-3853

Youth Employment Advisor 

Douglas County

Ben Crawford

(541) 900-4715


ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate [NCRC]

The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is one way to measure what you can DO, rather than what you KNOW. A certificate helps those applying for jobs show potential employers their career readiness skills. Earning a certificate helps job applicants stand out to employers who prefer the NCRC, both in Oregon and across the country.

NCRC Benefits

The National Career Readiness Certificate is used by thousands of employers, employees, and job applicants nationwide. Earn yours to experience the benefits of the NCRC:

  • Be confident in your skills when you earn a nationally recognized certificate.

  • Stand out to employers who prefer the NCRC in their hiring practices.

  • Earn a portable certification recognized by employers nationwide.

  • Be acknowledged for the skills you have worked hard to gain.

  • Available at no cost to you.


Job applicants can complete a brief pre-assessment to learn whether they are ready to take the NCRC or if they first need to brush up on their skills. Online courses can help work on your skills before taking the NCRC test. Tests are given at local WorkSource Oregon centers around Oregon.

Receive your certificate by testing your skills with ACT WorkKeys assessments:

Applied Mathematics: Measures the skill people use when they apply mathematical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving techniques to work-related problems.

Reading for Information: Measures the skill people use when they read and use written text in order to perform job tasks. The written texts include memos, letters, directions, signs, notices, bulletins, policies, and regulations.

Locating Information: Measures the skill people use when they work with workplace graphics, including comparing, summarizing, and analyzing information found in charts, graphs, tables, forms, flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, maps, and instrument gauges.


The WorkKeys NCRC is available to ANY Oregonian.

  • To earn the NCRC, three ACT® WorkKeys® Assessments must be successfully completed: Applied Math, Workplace Documents, and Graphic Literacy.

  • Anyone who takes these three WorkKeys assessments and does not earn a certificate will be allowed to re-test at no charge any assessment needed in order to earn a certificate.

  • An individual who earns a Bronze or Silver certificate and wishes to qualify for a Gold or Platinum certificate may re-test at no charge.

  • The Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission funds tests through WorkSource Centers, high schools, colleges, and other organizations.

For more information on the NCRC in Oregon, contact your local WorkSource Oregon Center to see how you can get started.  You can also visit

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