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Helping re-engage at-risk and out-of-school youth.

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Empowering Youth Transition: Crafting Tomorrow's Leaders!


Corey Haan

WRQBOX Program Coordinator



  • Credit Recovery & NCRC: Supporting academic completion and offering National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) assessments to demonstrate job readiness.

  • Workforce Training and Development: Whether it's job search assistance, occupational training, or work experience, WRQBOX connects youth to opportunities that fit their career ambitions.


  • Financial and Educational Growth: Facilitating scholarships and tuition support, we help pave the way for certifications and further education aligned with labor market needs.

  • Professional Development: From one-on-one career counseling to resume and interview workshops, we're here to enhance professional prospects.

  • Community Integration: By organizing job fairs and networking events, we create a community that supports job seekers and employers alike.

WRQBOX: The Toolkit for Tomorrow's Workforce.
Available to youth ages 16 - 24 in Coos, Curry, & Douglas Counties.

WRQBOX is an out-of-school youth program designed to re-engage at-risk students and support those needing extra help after high school to find their career path.  

As a continuation of the support initiated by Recruit HIPPO, WRQBOX offers seamless transition assistance, guiding young adults toward successful career and educational outcomes.

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