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We’re Listening Staff Feedback Mechanism


The Center Leadership Team encourages all WorkSource staff to offer suggestions or provide recommendations that may help continue to improve the performance of their work, and quality delivery of services to our customers.  Suggestions that identify specific issues and propose suitable solutions to enhance efficiencies, increase productivity, reduce costs, create safer working conditions, conserve resources, and enhance public services will be considered. 


Please note that suggestions or recommendations governed by existing laws or regulations, or those that detail a grievance or complaint against an individual will not be reviewed or considered.  Individuals intending to file a grievance should follow the processes and procedures set forth by their employer agency. Information related to specific individuals must be reported per your agency’s specific grievance policy or directed to your Human Resources department. 


Information reported via the “We’re Listening” link will not reveal the identity of the individual, unless you choose to disclose your identity.  Should your suggestion require follow-up, or you would like a response, please be sure to answer “Yes” to the question, which will then open another window to allow you to provide your name, telephone number and/or email address.

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