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South Coast Economic Indicators - April 2023

April’s South Coast indicators with the latest March data can also be viewed by following this QualityInfo link.


South Coast Oregon’s Economy

Coos County gained 310 jobs year-to-year in March 2023 and Curry County employment fell by 50 jobs over the year. Coos County saw the largest job gains in the public sector. Curry County had the largest losses estimated in accommodation and food services. Both counties saw unemployment rates drop over the month. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 5.5% for Coos and 5.7% for Curry. You can find the latest South Coast Employment Press Release that dives deeper into industry specific employment details here:


South Coast Hiring Trends: Help Wanted Online!

The special topic this month focuses on workers in demand. The graph shows the top 10 occupations that had the most jobs posted online within the last 90 days for Curry County. The numbers account for all non-duplicated job postings from January 28th to April 27th.

Some of the health care related jobs in demand include; physical therapists (6 job postings), pharmacists (5 postings), and registered nurses (2 postings). Some of the sales related jobs in demand include; cashiers (13 job postings) and supervisors of retail sales workers (4 postings). Follow up with me for a further breakdown of how these help wanted online ads are broken up by employer, job type, or industry. The same graph and information is available for Coos County by opening the attached PDF


Good Reads

Thanks for reading! Reach out with any data questions, if you have a topic of the month suggestion, or if you’d like to explore any other workforce related topic. 


Carlos D. Diaz

Workforce Analyst/ Economist


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