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South Coast Economic Indicators - January 2024

Below are this month’s South Coast indicators with the latest December data. You can also view them by following this QualityInfo link.


South Coast Economy

Coos County employment grew by 500 over the course of 2023, while Curry County lost 30 jobs over the year. Leisure and hospitality, government, and trade added jobs were bright spots in both counties. Losses in manufacturing and construction outweighed the gains in other industries in Curry, but were relatively minor in Coos. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in December was 4.4% for Coos and 4.5% for Curry.


You can find the latest South Coast Employment Press Releases that dive deeper into industry specific employment details here: South Coast Employment in December


Special Topic: Fastest Growing Occupations 2022-2032

This month’s special graph looks at the fastest growing jobs in Southwestern Oregon over the next decade. Explore the data on nearly 800 occupations for yourself with our Occupational Profiles Report tool.

The list is dominated by emerging careers in the fast-growing health care field, such as nurse practitioners. Some personal services, recreation and tech occupations make the cut as well. In the broader list on our projections page, you’ll find fast-growth roles available at a variety of training and education levels.


Good Labor Market Reads on Quality Info

Thanks for reading. Don’t hesitate to reach out with data questions or if you have a suggestion for the next special topic.


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