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South Coast Economic Indicators - July 2023

July’s South Coast indicators with the latest June data can also be viewed by following this QualityInfo link.


South Coast Oregon’s Economy

Coos County gained 510 jobs over the year in June 2023 and Curry County employment gained 60 jobs. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 4.6% in Coos County and 4.5% in Curry County. You can find the latest South Coast Employment Press Release that dives deeper into industry specific employment details here:


Special Topic: How do South Coast Workers Commute to Work?

The special topic this month looks at commuting patterns among South Coast workers in 2019 and 2021. The share of workers who worked from home increased from about 10% to 17% over the two year period. A tiny percentage of workers take public transportation while more than three quarters of workers drive alone to work.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau ACS 5-Year Estimates.


Good Labor Market Reads on Quality Info


Thanks for reading, don’t hesitate to reach out with data questions or if you have a suggestion for the next special topic!


Carlos D. Diaz

Workforce Analyst/ Economist


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