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South Coast Economy in Summary

Below are this month’s South Coast indicators with March 2024 data. You can also view them by following this QualityInfo link.


South Coast Economy


Coos County employment grew by 200 over the year to March, while Curry County employment declined by 190. Losses in Curry were concentrated in trade, construction and leisure, while Coos County saw growth in similar industries as well as bigger gains in government. Seasonally adjusted unemployment was 4.8% in Coos and 5.1% in Curry


You can find the latest South Coast Employment Press Releases that dive deeper into industry specific employment details here:


Special Topic: Artificial Intelligence


The special graph this month looks at roles with the most exposure to A.I. This categorization comes from the Pew Research Center, which ranked occupations into high, medium, and low exposure by job duties. The roles in the graph may see reduced employment through automation, or may see enhanced job duties and skills using A.I. techniques.

How A.I. will affect workers in these roles will vary widely. Many of the positions are clerk and assistant roles in a variety of fields, who may have routine research and categorization tasks done for them by A.I. assistants. Certain

drafting, design, and science occupations are also likely to use or complement automated creative processes.


Good Labor Market Reads on Quality Info



Thanks for reading. Don’t hesitate to reach out with data questions or if you have a suggestion for the next special topic.

Henry L. Fields

Workforce Analyst

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