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Southwestern Oregon Economic Indicators for September 2021

Here are the economic indicators showcasing the August data. The unemployment rate continues to decline all three counties. For the graph of the month, the data describes what has happened since the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020. Coos County has the most percentage of jobs to regain since the beginning of the pandemic at 5.0%, Douglas County follows at 4.3%. Curry is just 3.1% below pre-pandemic employment levels.

Here are some great articles:

The Oregon Coast Wage Challenge by Erik Knoder

Employer Responses to the Pandemic from the Oregon Job Vacancy Survey by Anna Johnson

Douglas County Travel Spending Drops Due to COVID-19 Pandemic by Brian Rooney

If you are looking for or interested in gaining some information about the labor market, please reach out anytime.

Polly Farrimond | Workforce Analyst, Economist | Oregon Employment Department

Jackson, Josephine, Lake, Klamath, Coos, Curry and Douglas Counties

541-414-5325 |

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