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Coos & Curry County Economic Indicators - August 2022

You can find the economic indicators for the month of August at this link.

Coos County lost 430 jobs and Curry County added 80 jobs since July of last year. Coos County employment declined the most in professional and business services, with small losses in several other industries. The unemployment rate was 4.7% in Coos and 4.8% in Curry, nearly unchanged from the month before.

Age of the population plays a big role in who participates in the labor force, which is one reason why it’s hard to say how many workers there “should” be in a community. For the special graph this month, I looked at labor force participation (those who have a job or are looking for one) and the ratio of population to employment and compared them to the percentage of the adult population that is 65 or older.

It’s unsurprising that there is some correlation between an older population and fewer people in the population in the labor force. This is just one example of how demographics can play a key role in workforce considerations.

If you have any questions or you are in need of some information, please reach out to me.

Henry L. Fields

Workforce Analyst/Economist

Serving Lane, Douglas and Southern Oregon

Oregon Employment Department


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