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Douglas County Economic Indicators - September 2022

The September 2022 Douglas County Economic Indicators are out now and also available at this link.

Douglas County employment grew by 2%, or 580 jobs, from August 2021 to August 2022. The county remains 790 jobs below the number in February of 2020. Unemployment was essentially unchanged month-to-month at 4.5%.

October is Manufacturing Month, a time for schools and communities to celebrate this diverse and economically impactful industry. This month’s special graph is actually a map showing the concentrations of total employment in the manufacturing industry by county.

Douglas County has a higher concentration of manufacturing jobs than the state - 12 percent of jobs, compared to the state’s 10 percent. Just as in most areas of the state, manufacturing in our area pays a higher than average wage, and so makes up a greater proportion of local wages than jobs. The areas with the highest percentage of jobs in manufacturing are the counties bordering Multnomah in the Portland metro, as well as Linn, Jefferson, and Morrow counties.

This month’s articles included:

As always, the Indicators contain all the latest economic data on our area. If you have a data question or want to learn more about any of these topics, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Henry L. Fields

Workforce Analyst/Economist

Serving Lane, Douglas and Southern Oregon

Oregon Employment Department


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