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South Coast Economic Indicators - March 2023

March’s South Coast indicators with the latest February data can also be accessed with this QualityInfo link.


South Coast Economy

Coos County gained 350 jobs year-to-year in February 2023 and Curry County jobs remained unchanged over the year. Coos County saw gains in industries such as professional and business services and leisure and hospitality. Curry County had the largest losses estimated in leisure and hospitality. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 5.8% for Coos and 6.1% for Curry. You can find the South Coast’s Employment Press Release that dives deeper into industry specific employment details here:

Construction Trends in the South Coast

The special graph this month focuses on residential unit building permits. The blue section of each year represents permits for single family structures and the orange section represents permits for all multi-family structures. This can be a great metric to track over time since new residential housing can indicate an increased need for housing and wood products, both of which stimulate local economies.

Curry County had 92 total building permits pulled in 2022, all of which were for single-family structures. To see the same graph for Coos County, open up the attached PDF


Good Reads

Thanks for reading, don’t hesitate to reach out with data questions or if you’d like to explore any other workforce related topic. 


Carlos D. Diaz

Workforce Analyst/ Economist



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